What is Neurolinguistic Programming?
NLP is basically the study of subjective experience and is a powerful way for creating change in habitual patterns of thought and, therefore, behaviour. The term, neurolinguistic programming, comes from:
  • Neuro – what is happening in our minds (consciously and unconsciously)
  • Linguistics – our use of language as descriptions of our thoughts, feelings and sensory perceptions, our self-talk and the way we communicate with others.
  • Programming – learned patterns of thought and behaviour.

Unlike psychiatry, which is the study of mental illness, or psychology, which is the study of the normal and abnormal, NLP is the study of excellence. The founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, looked at people who excelled in their professions. From this study they developed the tools that form the basis of NLP.

How you think and what you think about determines your behaviour, and your behaviour determines your results in life. If you change how you think and what you think about, you can change your results. NLP helps you to modify your thought and behavioural patterns to help you achieve your goals. Using NLP, you can develop better styles of  thinking  – for faster, easier learning, better relationships and greater success.

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What is hypnosis?

This is a naturally occurring state of mind which everyone experiences daily, e.g. daydreaming, being so engrossed in a television program or a book that you are oblivious to what is happening around you, etc. These are forms of self-hypnosis.

We have all developed thought patterns or beliefs that control our lives. At some point, these were beneficial to us but sometimes these patterns or beliefs become outdated and detrimental. Hypnotherapy is an easy, safe and fast way of changing these unconscious patterns to ones that are more beneficial. 

During hypnosis, the critical, judgmental and analytical part of your mind (your conscious mind) is bypassed allowing your unconscious mind an opportunity to take on ideas and thoughts that otherwise would be blocked. 

Does it work?
A hypnotherapist is merely a guide who facilitates this process. Your unconscious mind is in control the whole time you are in trance and will accept or reject the suggestions that are made.

Statistics show hypnotherapy is fast, effective and creates long lasting results…

Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. reviewed the overall lasting success of various psychological approaches. This study revealed the following recovery rates:

Hypnotherapy -                  93% recovery after 6 sessions
Behaviour Therapy -         72% recovery after 22 sessions
Psychotherapy -                38% recovery after 600 sessions.
Psychotherapy Magazine (Volume 7, Number 1, Alfred A Barrios, PhD)

Can anyone be hypnotised?
Yes, anyone who is willing to be hypnotised can be. You don't need to believe in hypnosis, only suspend disbelief and keep an open mind. 

Is hypnosis safe?
Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind that we all experience everyday. In fact, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and the hypnotherapist is only a facilitator who helps you through the process. Your therapist will make every effort to help you feel relaxed, explaining exactly what will happen and what you can expect. You are in control  at all times, and can open your eyes at any time if you so choose.

Will I feel relaxed?
Yes, hypnosis is a very peaceful, relaxing state, similar to meditation.  Even if you normally find it hard to physically relax, your therapist will be able to guide you to relaxation. 

Will I remember everything when I come out of hypnosis?
During hypnosis, you will be fully aware of your surroundings and know what is happening the entire time. On coming out of trance, you may or may not remember exactly what has been said or happened. Your unconscious mind may choose to let you consciously remember, or it may not. Amnesia is not necessarily part of the hypnotic experience but it may occur.
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