Your unconscious mind is responsible for controlling your physical body. If you want to move an arm, you just do it. Your unconscious mind takes care of the specifics, like which muscles to relax or contract. You don't have to consciously think about those details. 

Many ailments can be helped with clinical hypnotherapy and NLP (neurolinguistic programming). Pain can be successfully controlled and the healing process (e.g. after surgery) can be speeded up. Doctors know that a positive attitude can greatly affect the prognosis for a patient - hypnotherapy and NLP aids in developing that frame of mind and is a valuable addition to other therapies in the treatment of major illness such as MS (multiple sclerosis) or cancer. 

Diabetes, allergies, skin problems, irritable bowel syndrome and many other conditions can all be helped. A number of clinical studies have now been completed which report the benefits of hypnosis for physical issues. Summaries of some of these studies can be found at the Australian Hypnotherapists' Association website.

Recent studies indicate that nearly 80% of all illness is stress related. Stress puts a strain on every physical system, disrupting sleep, weakening the immune system and increasing sensitivity to pain. Stress can also raise cholesterol and blood sugar level. Hypnotherapy is effective at relieving stress and helping you to take control of your own body, promoting wellness.

Many  clients see a difference in physical issues in three sessions - although it may take up to five or six, depending on the condition. The first session lasts an hour and a half to two hours while the following sessions are an hour long. 

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I have had diabetes for sixteen years and two years ago graduated to insulin. After four sessions with Linda I am now losing weight and my Blood Sugar Levels are the lowest they have been in ten years. 

My Diabetes Specialist said the changes in my latest blood readings are fantastic (these test were done by a pathology lab). I have decreased my insulin intake and there will most probably be continual decreases ahead. I am feeling great and back in control of my diabetes.Thank you, Linda.

- Karen Young, Glenmore Park

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Your unconscious mind

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