The use of hypnosis for childbirth is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Women who have experienced childbirth with hypnosis make statements like 'we experienced a labour and birth that was unforgettable and joyous for all of us' and the 'breathing and relaxation techniques gave me the tools to melt my fears away and enjoy a birthing experience I will cherish forever'.

An article in the Sun-Herald of November 19, 2006 stated that 'hypnobirthing is on the verge of becoming a mainstream option' and quoted one mum, who had used hypnosis for all three of her drug-free labours, as saying that she 'was cracking jokes in the last one' and that 'no-one could believe' that she was in labour.

During hypnosis, you"re neither asleep nor unconscious but in a different state of consciousness where you are fully aware of what is happening. The relaxation and guided visualisation exercises train the inner mind that childbirth can be comfortable, easy and joyous — free of fear and pain

Hypnosis is known to be a powerful and positive tool for focused and calm childbirth. The benefits include:   
  • Fewer drugs or no drugs at all means less risk of side effects for mother and baby.  
  • Duration of labour can be shortened.
  • Fewer interventions and complications during labour.
  • An awake, energised mother, due to total relaxation throughout the birthing process.
  • Babies who are better sleepers and nursers due to fewer drugs in their systems.         
Individual sessions are tailored to your specific needs. The guided visualisations will be designed specifically with you in mind, helping you to:
  • Develop a positive attitude to cope with the force of labour.
  • Review and release fears and emotional issues about giving birth and becoming a mother.
  • Make positive changes to negative expectations about this birth that are based on previous experiences or family history.

Your support people are involved to teach them how to effectively help you and your baby on the day.

There are four weekly sessions plus CDs are supplied so that you can listen to and practise the techniques as often as you want. These recordings are based on the wants and needs of the individual

It's best to start the program at about six to seven months so contact me before then so that we can have a chat.
Teaching me to focus on the positive, natural process of childbirth made my 'labour' a more calming, controlled and conscious event - not to mention a notable reduction in pain. This is my third baby and she arrived without the screaming fanfare [of the others].

- Pauline Stafrace, Hazelbrook
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mind mastery,linda campbell,hypnotherapy,nlp,neurolinguistic programming
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