I am a results coach, neurolinguistic programming practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist. 

In 1980, I came to Australia from Scotland where I had worked in a children’s home for emotionally abused children. I continued in that field of work here. Over the next 18 years I worked with children, teenagers, families, addicts and domestic violence victims.

I was constantly frustrated by how little our clients actually changed, despite the intervention of well-meaning professionals. While going through a personal crisis of my own, I came across the powerful techniques of hypnotherapy and nlp.
Linda, after all the money and time spent before my sessions with you -  I feel that you've been the most successful in helping me to achieve what I wanted & needed. Not only do I thank you for your assistance with myself, but also the help you were able to give my family members that we felt were in desperate need of some direction - you have helped them more than I could ever imagine. Thanks.
- Urzay Gelsomino, Queensland

mind mastery,linda campbell,hypnotherapy,nlp,neurolinguistic programming
Hypnotherapy and NLP for Results
mind mastery,linda campbell,hypnotherapy,nlp,neurolinguistic programming
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Amazed at the rapid changes and improvements I made in my own life, I have since devoted myself to learning and studying those skills. I am passionate about the ways in which I can guide people to make changes and get real enjoyment from the positive feedback that I get from clients. If you have any problem areas in your life, please contact me now to find out how I can help. I have a clinic in Glenbrook in the lower Blue Mountains, only 15 minutes from Penrith and one in Leichhardt, near Sydney CBD. I also run workshops and seminars. Fully qualified with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner of NLP and Master of Results Coaching, I am also a Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists' Association.

With the power of modern technology such as Skype, I have recently worked with clients in England, Europe and Thailand - distance is no longer an issue!

Nypnotherapy,nlp,hypnosis with Linda Campbell
Linda Campbell